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So, you'd like to join the Womack Genealogy Network? That's great!

Joining the WGN is free. There are no dues, no fees, no nothing. Just pure research and fun. But, first you should ask yourself a couple questions:

1. Do you consider the Womack surname to be decently large and/or important part of your research?

Or are you just trying to find info on the Womack spouse of one of your ancestors? Both types of research are important, but we would like to try and list only those researchers that consider the Womack surname a large part of their research and effort. We are all researching multiple surnames, but we all put more effort into some surnames instead of others. You be the judge and decide this for yourself. But if you are just looking for an individual or some general information you might want to try posting to the WGN Message Page instead. Of course, if your Womack research explodes in to your full time research, or you sit up at night wondering how your Womack line links to William Womack, The Immigrant, then you'll want to join.

2. Are you willing to share your information with others?

Being a member of the WGN means you are willing to share and receive information on your Womack ancestors. Your name and email address will be posted for others to see. You will, hopefully, receive email from people sending info on their Womack's and asking you about yours. That is the entire point of the WGN. But if you are uncomfortable with that, then maybe you should reconsider. You only get when you give.

These questions are not designed to raise doubt. They are designed to make you think. We really are happy that you want to join the WGN. If you have answered the above questions to your satisfaction, and are still ready to join, then please continue to the rest of this form! If you have any other questions, please email

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