One Year Anniversary of the WGN!

Well, it's true. The WGN has officially been on the Internet now for one full year. It was on May 13th, 1997 that the WGN Message Page became active and I emailed a bunch of Womack researchers I had been fortunate enough to meet in my wanderings. It wasn't much to look at in the beginning. Just a couple of boring looking pages and a simple little guestbook. But the kernel of the idea was there: provide a central meeting place, a beacon in the night, for researchers to discuss and share their Womack genealogy. To give a presence for the Womack surname in the general genealogy community. People started to trickle in and the word spread.

Now, one year later, we have accomplished a lot more than many of us really expected:

All told, the WGN site now made up of over 70 interconnected web pages. Quite an explosion in growth from the couple of pages it started out with. But the number of pages is not important. The important point is that the WGN is succeeding in its goal to facilitate communication between researchers and promote the Womack surname within the genealogy community. All in the cause of furthering the research and understanding of our Womack roots.

And speaking of community, it is important that we all understand the role that each one of us has played in creating the WGN as it is today. Yes, I have maintained the pages and site, but without the participation of every single person out there, it would be a meaningless exercise. You have to wonder what old William Womack, The Immigrant would make of all this. I like to think that after he got over the culture shock and figured out how to use a browser, he would be very proud.

The goals for the coming year remain the same. Communication and Community. Thank you to everyone for their support and participation. And always, I would love to hear from you.

Mark Womack
WGN Webmaster

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