Bibliography of Womack Related Books

Below is a very comprehensive list of books relating to the Womack surname. Some just mention Womack in connection to other surnames and some focus primarily on the Womack surname. Besides the author and title, publisher information (if known) is also listed. If there is an "LDS Call No." listed for the item, then it is available from the LDS Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City. However, if you want to look at an item at your local LDS Family History Center, then you can only do so if the item is in the FILM or FICHE areas. Please visit your local FHC for more information. If there is no call number listed, please check with your local library to see if it is available through inter-library loan.

If you know of a book related to the Womack surname that is not listed here, please let us know at

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Amos, Lillian Pearl DuBose

The Cody Family of Alabama and allied families Chance, Lumpkin, Dubose


1964; Troy, AL; Alabama Genealogical Society, no. 41



Barrow, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 A1 no. 3334



FILM AREA 1033852, item 9 (1 reel)




Bender, Judy Veda McPherson

McPherson, Daniel to Bender, Judy


1993; Stockton, CA; J. Bender



McPherson, Womack, Powell, Reagan, and related families


LDS Call No:

FILM AREA 1598226, item 4 (1 reel)


Blitch: tombstone transcripts, 1764-1906, from graveyard in Bulloch, Georgia


Handwritten transcript by Lane Giddens; Statesboro, GA.



Blitch, Jones, Womack, and Young.


LDS Call No:

FILM AREA 1206419, item 14 (1 reel)


Bosque County: Land and People


1985; Bosque County (Texas) Historical Commission.


Several Womack families listed with short biographies written by family members.


Bradshaw, Herbert Clarence

History of Prince Edward County, Virginia


1955; Dietz Press.


Brady, Ruth Stiles

Some descendants and related families of Robert Brady (1786-1853) and Catherine Scott Brady (1790-1861)


1975; Marble Falls, TX; R. S. Brady



Benson, Bond, Parker, Tillinghast, Tucker, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.27 A1 no. 3263




Cadigan, Catherine Hurley

A brief family history from the letters and research notes of Catherine Hurley Cadigan of Co. Cork Ireland, and San Francisco


Various parts and notes



Barnes, Basye, Howdeshell, Hurley, Long, McMillan, Nicklin, Tombs, Whitledge, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

FILM AREA 1597816, item 6 (1 reel)


Cameron: family history


1965; Bloomington, IN(?); The Committee.



Carlock, Heller, Parker, Reed, West, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 A1 no. 1188



FILM AREA 0962550, item 3 (1 reel)


Campbell, Kathryn Hutcherson

Dimmit collection


Many various items part of collection.



Adams-Gilberts, Biggs-Thompson, Dimmitt-Hutcherson-Sinclari, Gaines, Jarvis, McCuns-Shannon, Parker-McFarland, Pryor-Tapley, Womack, and other related families.


LDS Call No:

FILM AREA 1421683 - 1421687 (5 reels)


Note: Womack Family item located on 1421685, item 17


Caruthers, J. Henry

The house of Benjamin Everett Caruthers and others


1986; Washington, D. C.; L. C. Photoduplication Service.



Arnett, Barroll, Mercer, Nifong, Spears, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

FILM AREA 1454580, item 2 (1 reel)


Chapman, Clifford J.

The Chapman Family, 1810-1967


1968(?); Midland, TX; C. J. Chapman.



Call, Cooper, Falls, Goolsby, Price, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 C366cc



FILM AREA 0896942, item 3 (1 reel)


Clarke, Russell L.

Clarke family pedigree charts and family group records, ca 1550-1970


1972; Russell L. Clark.



Buhn, Colvig, Dausse, Lovins, Paxson, Womack, and related familes.


LDS Call No:

FILM AREA 0874359, item 4 (1 reel)


Crab, Martha L.

Over the Mountain: A Narrative History of the Bean, Selman, and Germany Families


1990; Baltimore, MD; Gateway Press.


Cutbirth, Ruby Nichols

Ed Nichols Rode a Horse


1943; Dallas, TX; University Press.



Information about the family of Abner Pryor Womack.




Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers, The


Richmond, VA; The Valentine Museum.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 975.5 D2v v3


Ethington, Lois Evelyn Clark

A. V. and Delia Colston Clark of Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana


1979; Salt Lake City; E. Ethington



Colston, Owen, Womack, Means, Crosby, Johnson, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 921.73 C547ee




Fuller, Theodore Albert

Ancestry of Kay and Lynn


1978; Sylva, NC; Fuller;



Day, Stone, Williams, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 W673a



FILM AREA 1421706, item 8 (1 reel)




Gee, Christine South

The roots and some of the branches of the Puckett family tree




Gehres, Helen L.

Gehres's William Wymarc, Cavalier to Jamestown


Genealogies of Virginia Familes, v5 (R-Z)




Hale, Margaret Miriam Strong

Genealogy of the Ragland families, and numerous other families of prominence in America with whom they have intermarried


1928; St. Louis, MO; M. M. S. Hale



Hopson, Lumpkin, Neville, Strong, Thomson, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 R127h



FILM AREA 0386153, item 2 (1 reel)



FILM AREA 1550314 (1 reel) (more recent copy)


Harris, Ollie Kate

Carter, Levingston, and Womack Families in Freestone County, Texas from Bible, cemetery and census records


1971; Salt Lake City, UT; Ollie Kate Harris.


LDS Call No:

FILM AREA 0872780, item 8 (1 reel)


Hart, Charles Gorton

James Hart: a genealogical and historical record of his descendants (with allied familes)


1976; Jacksonville, FL; M. P. Hart.



Coats, Dixon, Flowers, Morris, Potter, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 H251hm


History of Texas, supplemented with Biographical Mention of Many Prominent Persons and Families of the State


1896; Chicago, IL; Lewis Publishing Co.



Many Womack families listed.


Hubert, Sarah Donelson

Genealogy of part of the Cody and Womack families of America


1902; Atlanta, GA; Franklin Printing and Publishing Co.




Jobes, Roquey

Miller & Browning Ancestors of Georgia Ann Miller; (Mrs. H. D. Jobes, Sr); Kimble Co, TX; b 1881 - d 1947


Privately published, 1990: 45230 Chateau Drive; Metairie, LA; 70002.


Jones, Nell

Wiliam Oliver Womack and Wirt Adams Love: their ancestors and descendants


1990; Stephenville, TX; N. Jones.



Womack, Love, Mitchell, Oliver, Lea, Lattimore, Rucker, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 W84j




Kolb, Avery E.

The lives and heritage of Mississippi brothers Adrew Egger and William Bond Kolb


1969; Springfield, VA; A. E. Kolb.



Egger, Womack, Murrah, Slaughter, Earnest, Oakley, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 K83ka



FICHE AREA 6105211 (2 microfiches)




Lawrence, Robert Dean

Ancestors and descendants of William Henry Lawrence, 1850 - 1924, and his wife Martha Mary Ann Ham, 1848 - 1898


1987; Wichita, KS; R. D. Lawrence.



Stilwell, Womack, Zeisler, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 L435a



FILM AREA 1320810, item 9 (1 reel)




McPhail, Charles Wesley

John and Elizabeth McPhaill and their descendants


1978; Houston, TX; C. W. McPhail



Brown, Clevenger, May, Mickey, Ross, Womack, and related families.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 M241mc



FILM AREA 1035910, item 4 (1 reel)


Moorhead, Jessie Womack

From the Garden of Eden to Simpson Co, MS to St. Helena Parish, LA




Morse, Elizabeth

A family of the Quaker persuasion: genealogy of the Pucketts, Browns and affiliated families


1984; 2nd edition; Rifle, CO; Elizabeth (Brown) Morse.


LDS Call No:

BOOK AREA 929.273 P961m



FILM AREA 1321493, item 10 (1 reel)

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