Letter of Jesse Hezekiah Wommack - Date Unknown

Submitted by Joyce Wommack, 3 Feb 1999

These notes were given to me in the 1960's by Aunt Lora Owen Wommack, wife of Floyd Elmer Wommack. She was the daughter of Richard Wilson Owen & Samanthy Bass. She died in 1974 in Greene Co., MO. Uncle Floyd died in 1964 in Greene Co., MO. Aunt Lora had the original, I do not know what has happened to it.

The following was written by Jesse Hezekiah Wommack, son of Richard Bentley Wommack, son of Daniel H. Wommack, son of Richard "Dickey" Womack, son of Thomas Womack & Sarah Owen. Unfortunately this writing is not dated. Jesse Hezekiah was born 20 Dec 1849 in Webster Co., MO and died in 1925. It is not certain if he died in Webster Co., MO or Kansas City, MO. His wife Louisa died in 1927 in Kansas City, but it is possible that she went to live with one of her children after the death of Jesse Hezekiah in 1925.


After hesitating for a long time, I will try to write a few thoughts for your consideration. If it in anyway concerns you, and I think it may be of more in the future than it is now.

Sometime in the 17th century, there lived in the State of North Carolina, Davis County, a man called Dickey Wommack, and I will say here that the supposition is, he or his ancestors came from Virginia, but it is impossible in the day and date for me to find out for certain at or near what date the said Dickey Wommack, as he was called, had married one, Ruth Owen, and there was born to them as many as 6 children and I heard of; Daniel, Hezekiah, Joseph and James, twin girls, Aggie and Rebekah. Daniel married Polly Owen, Hezekiah was married twice, seven or eight children were born to them. James was killed before marriage, while teaming with 4 horses. Joseph raised a big family that I know but little of as they lived in Southeast Missouri. Aggie married Louis Gibbons and raised a large family in Webster County, Missouri. Rebecca married Jessie Hartley and raised a family of 5 boys and 2 girls that I know of. The families except of Joseph and James, including Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Dickey, moved to Missouri sometime between 1836-41-42. Daniel, of whom I will speak now as the father of 11 children, 10 of which lived to be grown and all of which raised big families. Elizabeth, the oldest, married Benjamin Myers (7c) and lived out her days in North Carolina. She lived to be very old, somewhere in her 90's. I believe, Richard Bentley, our father, was born in 1817, was the second child and was married three times. First marriage was to Polly Wiseman from whom he raised 2 girls, Jane and Mary Elizabeth. Jane married Thaddeus Snider and had 7 children; Mandy, the oldest died at the age of 5, Phillip married Clara Kitchell and moved to Oklahoma near Clinton, Rachel died at the age of 4 or 5 years. Seigel, named for General Seigel married a Wills, and raised a good sized family near Clinton, Oklahoma. Sarah Alice married Bill Allen and raised her family near Fair Grove, Missouri. Della married John Self, having 3 children, Albert married Rosie Wommack and lives in the old settlement near Fair Grove, 4 children were born, 2 boys were raised to manhood, Elizabeth married Emery Spence to whom were born 2 children, Lora May and Clifford. R. B. Wommack's second marriage was to Mary Ann Bradshaw, from whom he raised 2 boys, William James who died in the U.S. Hospital in Jefferson City in 1864 having served his term of 3 years as a Federal Soldier in the war of the Rebellion (Civil War), but was not able to return home after being discharged. Our father went to Jefferson City to bring him home, however, his brother was dead and buried when he arrived, but he took him up, hauled him home in a farm wagon, sleeping on the coffin every night to protect it from wolves or other prowling varmits. The second child, a boy, died in infancy; Jesse Hezekiah, born in Webster County Missouri, being third child is the writer of this information. Third time R. B. Wommack married Lucinda Triplett from whom he reared 2 boys. George Washington and Daniel Webster, one girl having died at the age of 3 years.

I, Jesse Hezekiah Wommack, was born December 20, 1849, married to Louisa Carolina Owen September 17, 1869 to whom was born 3 boys, 4 girls. Ira Eugene born Aug. 4, 1870, Greene County, Missouri, Lillie May born April 8, 1872, Greene County, Missouri, Cordelia Ann born June 17, 1875, Greene County, Missouri, Julia Estelle born July 28, 1877, Dallas County, Missouri, William and Agnes who died in infancy; Jesse Lee born May 19, 1886, Westport Missouri, Jackson County. Ira Eugene married Lulu Bedell of Springfield, Missouri in Springfield; 4 children were born; LeRoy Bedell, 4016 McGee, Westport, MO. Ida Maud, 3075 N. 17th St., Kansas City, Kansas; Leon, May 4, 3075 N. 17th St. Kansas City, Kansas; Georgia Florence, same address K C K. Lillie May married July 23, 1891 to Charles John Swearengin who was born in Indiana, June 28, 1862; one child was born, Leo Cordelia, near Ft. Scott, Kansas, May 4, 1892; Cordelia Ann was married May 21, 1899 to Thomas Allen Swearingin, brother of Charles in Kansas City, he was born in Illinois Oct. 8, 1865; 3 children were born, Thomas Allen Jr. Jan--1902, 63rd & Holmes St. Kansas City, MO., Louisa Cordelia, April 29, 1904 at 71st & Troost Ave. K.C. MO, Charles John, May 19, 1907 at 4415 Forest, K.C. MO Julia Estele married Jan 17, 1898 to William Ralph Hunt who was born in Weston, MO, June 15, 1875. Four children were born, Odetta Louise, Nov. 4, 1898 at West Port Ave, and Hamilton St., Westport, MO. Ralph Wommack Hunt born September 5, 1901 at 412 Kenwood, K.C. MO. Diza Dorothea born Aug. 4, 1904 at 61 Broadway, K. C. MO. Jesse Lee born May 19, 1886 Westport, MO married Ellen Dean Hammontree, K. C. MO; 3 girls, 3 boys were born; Arita Louise Shayback born, Weston, MO, Ella Dean Bill S. 10th St., St. Joseph, MO, Fred O., Kelly Farm, Grandview MO., Sylvia Marie, Belton, MO, Hugh and Elbert at Parsons, Kansas.

George Washington Wommack married Phoebe Wyer, 5 boys and 4 girls. 4 boys and 3 girls lived to be grown, Romey, Dorsey, Henry and Fred. Gertie, Grace and Elda. Daniel Webster Wommack married Alice Brownlow, 2 children, Goldie and Herman.

The Bradshaw's as were the Wommack's, were all Baptists and very religious. The Wommack's were not in the Revolutionary War as best I can find out, at least Uncle Dickey was not an enlisted soldier, but was probably an orderly under Col. James Owen, afterwards his father-in-law and was used by Col. Owen as a spy for a long time in the Indian Wars. Col. James Owen seems to have been from a large and prominent family, large slave owners and rich planters in Virginia Halifax Court House. Col James Owen received from the government a grant of land in North Carolina of 6 sq. miles or 6 miles square, my informant was not certain, but it was sufficient to make a home for all his children. The boys as was the custom of the day, getting the larger share, but a home fell to our great grandmother Ruth, also some negro slaves, I never learned how many. This information, I learned from Elder Wiseman, who mother was Polly Owen and lived in North Carolina all her early life. She knew our great grandfather Dickey Wommack very well. Grandfather Daniel Wommack married Polly Owen, also a daughter of Col. James Owen (I believe her father was Richard Owen Sr. son of Col. James Owen. JDW) 11 children were born to this couple. Elizabeth, the oldest, married Benjamin Myers, Richard Bentley Wommack was married 3 times as state herein; James Wommack married Edie Wisemen, a daughter of Wilson Wiseman, his second marriage was to Elizabeth Owen, making the trip back to North Carolina. She was a daughter of Richard Owen Jr. Hezekiah (Baptist Minister) married Mary Snyder, daughter of Phillip Snyder, his second wife was a widow, Julia Ann Goss, daughter of William Jones; Sarah Wommack married Jake Snyder, son of Phillip Snyder; Henderson Wommack married Elizabeth Trantham; William Wommack married Mary Owen, daughter of Richard Owen Jr., of North Carolina, his second marriage was to a widow, Henrietta Highfill, daughter of William Ezell; Wilson Wommack married Nettie Bass, daughter of Andy Bass; Polly Wommack married Alex Snyder, son of Phillip Snyder; Barton Wommack married Margaret Bass, daughter of Andy Bass who was one of the very first settlers as well as one of the prominent families.

Richard Owen had the following children: James Addison married Sarah Ann Steward; Elizabeth married James Wommack; Jesse Owen married Mary Smith; Jane died in North Carolina; Mary Owen married William Wommack; Bentley Owen married Elizabeth Snyder (our Aunt Betsy, daughter of Jake Snyder); Sarah Ann Steward, mother-in-law of the writer was born in NC who mother's maiden name was Wilson, had one sister who name was Parthena. The parents separated and she was raised by a man named Ellis. James Addison Owen, father-in-law of the writer was born in NC Nov. 21, 1825, Sarah Ann Stuart Owen May 26, 1825, married Apr. 9, 1846. They started from NC, Lexington, Davidson County, Oct. 13, 1857, arriving in Greene County, Missouri Nov. 25, 1857, was on the road 43 days. Children as follows: Mary Elizabeth Owen Mar. 19, 1847, James Washington Owen, June 12, 1848, Sarah Jane Owen, Apr. 15, 1850, Louisa Carolina Owen, July 15, 1851, Margaret Ellen Owen, May 16, 1855, Francis Emmaline Owen, Dec. 27, 1854, Richard Wilson Owen, Aug. 9, 1857 (he is the father of Aunt Lora Owen who married Floyd Elmer Wommack - JDW) Harriet Flozena, Aug. 24, 1862, William Pleasant, Jan 31, 1864, Cordelia Samantha, Feb 10, 1867, Mary Elizabeth Owen and Madison Murrell Married Sept. 17, 1869, Louisa Carolina Owen and Jesse Hezekiah Wommack married Sept. 17, 1869.

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