Letter From J. T. Womack of Facklin, Alabama
14 April 1896

Provided by Miles K. Womack, 15 Oct 1998

The following letter was written to Thomas Monroe Womack (son of John Womack, grandson of David Womack of Gadsden County, Florida) at Gaars Mill, LA. and was written by J. T. Womack of Facklin, AL. It is dated 14 Apr 1896.

It was submitted to me by Lee Womack (now deceased) of Edmonds, OK about 15 years ago. It was one in his collection that we did not use in our forthcoming publication. It simply did not fit into our study. I remembered it several weeks ago and thought it needed to be released to the general Womack researchers. Hope it helps someone out there.

Facklin Ala 4-14-96
Rev. T. M. Womack
Gaars Mill, La.

My Dear Sir.

Your letter written to my Brother Rev. B. R. Womack, Sulpher Springs Texas is before me, Sent to me by my Brother with request to write you. First in reply, If your Womacks as a rule have large noses & blue eyes, we are kin people as those are leading characteristics of us Womacks.

I have but little true history of our family & especially of our for parentagy, but from the best information I have ever been able to get is, that sometime between the years 1600 and 1700 there were three Brothers came from Scotland to this country but I have no acct. of whare they settled, but one of them died after coming here without posterity. The other two married here to populate the new world, this continent, of these three I know no more, nor do I know anything till down to my Grandfather whose name was William or Abner, I now disremember which. I think he married in N. C. or at least there he raised his family, consisting of seven boys & about two girls. The girls I never did see. The boys all came to Tenn from N. C. & in that State I think they all married & afterwards came to Ala. The names of my Uncles & Father were as follows. Josiah, Isham (he was call Isam), Jessie, William (called Buck), Abner (my Father), Levi and Asa. Something remarkable about our Womacks is, that as far back as I have any knowledge their families have nearly all been boys, and there are now some of our Womacks in every Southern State. Usually (?) it is in La. & Fla. Some are in some are in [sic]some of the Western States & I think in some of the Northern States. To say the least they are indeed very numerous. My Father & Uncles are all dead. Some of them lived to be quite old. My last Uncle (Levi) died the 27 of last June at the ripe age of 94 years & 20 days. My Father was born 1799 and died in 1849, comparatively young. He raised 8 boys two of whom died at the threshold of manhood. He raised but one girl. The first & The Third boys are dead. Six of us living. I the oldest, B. R. the Baby.

I have learned that one John Womack was in The War of 76. One of my Uncles fought in the war 1812. Uncle Buck, I think was first of our Womacks ever spread to the North. I had never heard of any Womacks coming a cross the waters except those I have mentioned untill I read your letter last night. As to Womack preachers, we have two in Tenn. that I know of, and in (?) and in Middle Tenn. What are you, a Baptist?

I hope you may get some information from this to which you have (?) been a stranger.

Write me if it your pleasure. I am very Respectifully, yours

J. T. Womack

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