Roy Rogers - The Womack Connection

Compiled by Mark Womack
from large contributions by Markie Owen and Joyce Wommack

If you have spent much time doing Womack genealogy, you have probably heard the story that Roy Rogers is related to the Womack clan. Well, it's not a story. It's really true. And we'll show you the proof.

But first, perhaps you'd like to travel down memory lane or learn more about Roy Rogers 'King of the Cowboys'. Here are some Roy Rogers and Dale Evans links from around the web:

Now, let's hear from Markie Owen. She was kind enough to email some personal family stories regarding the Womack connection...

My oldest brother has been stopped by strangers a billion times during his life, with them saying the same thing, "I just had to tell you, YOU LOOK JUST LIKE ROY ROGERS, JUST LIKE HIM!!". So, my sister-in-law, had sent a picture along with her letter to Roy. Here are the replies she received:

Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum
15650 Seneca Road,
Victorville, Ca. 92392

Dear Mrs. B. R. Stevenson,

I have taken the liberty of forwarding your letter regarding the Womack ancestry to Mr. Rogers sister Cleda, since his extremely full schedule has never permitted him the necessary time to work on any papers with the many people that have written to him regarding relativity on either side of the family.

He enjoyed seeing the picture of your husband, however, he did not see the likeness, perhaps more so now and he himself looks like the Slye side of the family. Cleda will respond I am sure as soon as she is possibly able. They also have another sister Mary that is living in the Washington, D.C. area.

Frances K. Williams
Personal Secretary to Roy Rogers.

(letter from Roy's sister, Cleda)
Jan. 18, 1982

Dear Mrs. Stevenson,

I am a sister of Roy Rogers, Cleda Willoughly. He has sent your letter to me, with picture of your husband. He is very busy, and receives many letters claiming kin to him. I have been very much interested in our Family's "Roots", and the past few months have talked with him about our family. We have few records, birthdates, deaths, etc. Our mothers name was Mattie Womack, daughter of Archer and Patty (Patricia ?) Womack,born in Kentucky March 8, 1882. She was one of four... three daughters, and one son... Her mother was born in Virginia... her maiden name was Hatchett... What I know of my mother's family was told to us, when we were children... great and wonderful stories about her childhood... she was a born storyteller and was able to make things come alive for us. Our father was away at work, much of our growing up years and some of my fondest memories are of my mothers stories, and singing. Her father, Archer, was a Civil War Veteran, and was wounded, and while in the hospital in Va. met my grandmother Patty, a daughter of a plantation owner and slave holder. I never tired of her (mama's)stories and I've always wanted to know more about her family.I never knew my grandmother Patty, She died when my mother was 17 and before she married.... I don't even have a picture of my grandmother... Mom's father lived in Kentucky and Portsmouth Ohio, with us (visiting) until he died at 82 about 1920 or so.... I'm not sure of the date, but I remember him well... Tall and straight, with a long white beard... He was a cavalryman, and a staunch southern... loved horses and rode as long as he was able... The fascinating stories about him from Mom, would make a book.... my mother should have been a writer... I keep thinking I will write some of those things down for my grandchildren, but as we often do, we get too busy... I have plans to go back to Ohio and Kentucky this coming summer, to do some research on the Womack and Slye family... My brother is sending to me any and all of the letters he gets... He knows less than I, about our family and does not remember the things our mother told us, as well as I do.

I know the little photo of your husband means much to you, since it is old, so I'm returning it to you.. He does look like Roy... As you know, Roy Rogers has been so well known, and loved by so many the world over, and we are all very proud of him.. I think of him as my brother, and not the famous Roy Rogers. We would be grateful for records or copies of our "family tree".

Our mother died Nov. 4. 1958... Our father Andrew Slye lived until 1972... He was 88, a few days short of his 89th birthday... There were four of us... Mary, now living in Washington D.C.... myself, Cleda,... Roy and a sister Kathleen, who died in 1973... I am presently living with my daughter, temporarily... I lived in Apple Valley... still have a house there, about a mile from Roy... so, I miss seeing him, since I've come here... Hope to go to Calif. next month... Seems I'm chattering away, as if I know you. I enjoy my relatives and see them as often as I can... Do you know about the Womacks in Oregon? Mom's only brother Egbert, went there from Ky. in 1906... He has nine children and many live in and around Portland, Ore. They hold their family reunion the second Sunday in August... I hope to go this year.. they are a warm and wonderful family.

Please let me hear from you.
Cleda Willoughly

Well, given that much information, is it any wonder that someone went ahead and tracked down Roy Rogers' Womack lineage all the way back to the Immigrant? Joyce Wommack was kind enough to send in the line of Roy Rogers that she has in her Womack database. Early generations have been simplified so it is easier to read.

William Womack, the Immigrant

b ca 1607/1610 Norfolk England

d bef 1677 Henrico Co, VA

m Mary Jane Allen


Abraham Womack I


b 1644/1645 Henrico Co, VA


d bef Oct 1733 Henrico Co, VA


m Sarah Worsham



Abraham Womack II



b ca 1668 Henrico Co, VA



d bef 1760 Goochland Co, VA



m Tabitha Hudson




William Womack, Sr.




b ca 1688 VA




d bef 16 Mar 1762, Goochland Co, VA




m Mary ?





William Womack, Jr.





b 1710 Henrico Co, VA





d bef 20 Sep 1791 Cumberland Co, VA





m Martha ?






William Womack III






b 26 Jan 1735 Halifax Co, VA






d 17 Jan 1819 Prince Edward Co, VA






m Mary Mollie Allen







James Tignal Womack







b 1770 Prince Edward Co







d 26 Apr 1827 Greenup Co, KY







m Nancy Meadows Rudder








William Womack








b 1809 Prince Edward Co, VA








d ?








m Jacintha Kibbey









Archer Womack









b Jul 1839 Carter Co, KY









d bef 1900









m Patricia Adeline Hatchett










1. Egbert "Bud" WOMACK










2. Annie WOMACK










3. Fannie WOMACK










4. Mattie WOMACK










  b Mar 1882 KY










  d 3 Nov 1958 CA










  m Andrew E. Slye











4.1 Mary Elizabeth SLYE











4.2 Cleda Mae SLYE











4.3 Leonard "Roy Rogers" Frank SLYE











   b 5 Nov 1911 Cincinnati, OH











   m Frances "Dale Evans" Octavia Smith












4.3.1 Roy "Dusty" Slye Jr.











4.4 Kathleen SLYE










5. Dixie "Dick George" WOMACK











This data is provided as information only. While the data comes from well respected sources on Womack genealogy, it is left to the individual researcher to confirm or deny this data for their own research.

So, there you have it. Next time someone mentions Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, let them know about that Womack connection!

Copyright © 1997 Mark Womack, Martha Owens, and Joyce Wommack. This document may be duplicated or printed for use in personal research as long as this copyright notice is included. It may not be reproduced in any other media form and/or for commercial use without the express written consent of the authors. All rights reserved.
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