Using the WGN in Four Easy Steps

New to the WGN? Just starting the research on your Womack ancestors? Have some research but you've hit the proverbial 'brick wall'? Been researching for years, and want to share what you have learned with others?

No matter who you are, here are four easy steps to help the WGN help you:

Step 1: Tell us what you know.

Spill the beans! There is a tremendous amount of Womack research out there, and you have come to the right place to learn about it. Chances are there is a WGN member amongst us that can help you make the link or point you in the right direction. All you have to do is let them know you are out here. The best way to do this is to post what you know to the WGN Message Page. Our Womack researchers will be able to read your message and respond to you if they can help. When you post your message, be sure to include:

Even if you don't know exact information, give as much as you know.

Step 2: See who else is out there.

There are a whole lot of Womack's out there. The WGN currently has over 160 registered researchers for the Womack surname. They are doing research in most of the United States and even some other countries. You can use use our WGN Researcher Index to locate others researching the areas your Womack's come from. Then you can send them an email directly to see if they have any information that might help. You never know, you might find a long lost cousin!

The Researchers Index is divided up by country, state, and county. Depending on how much you know about your Womack ancestors, you can get very detailed in your search.

Step 3: Search the sources.

The WGN is the richest source of information about Womack's that you can find on the Internet. That's because we strive to create and maintain links to as much Womack information as we can find. We have feature stories that cover general interest topics related to Womack's, as well as source articles that detail specific genealogy information. And then there are the links to Womack related locations around the web. Browse at your own speed. You're sure to learn something new!

Step 4: Join the Womack Genealogy Network

Well, with the three previous steps you are well on your way to beginning the search for your Womack ancestors. The best way to continue your odyssey is to become a member of the WGN. Membership is free. We welcome everyone researching their Womack roots who are willing to discuss and share what they learn. An outline of the locations your ancestors lived will be maintained on the WGN Researcher List to help others find you when they run across the WGN. So, join today!

Congratulations! You have completed our four step program to learning more about your Womack ancestors. Please feel free to wander around the WGN site at your own leisure, and be sure to visit us from time to time. New features, sources, links, and messages are always being added. We look forward to having you join our online community.

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