Introduction to the Womack Genealogy Network

The Womack Genealogy Network (WGN) is dedicated to providing a forum for the genealogical research of the Womack surname and its variants. By providing an online presence for the Womack surname we hope to propagate and expand research on the Womack surname to any and all interested genealogical researchers.

As with most great human endeavors, communcation is critical to genealogical research. The WGN facilitates communication about research on the Womack surname. Sometimes, finding information about Womack ancestors can be difficult, especially if you are just starting out. It can be hard to find a good place to start. Even if you are an experienced researcher, finding others to discuss your research or help you past that big 'block' can be very useful.

The WGN web site is the forum in which our researchers communicate and participate. It provides virtual meeting place for everyone to gather to share what they know and to learn something new. Contained in these pages are:

Researchers Index - An index of Womack researchers around the world listed by name and by locations they are researching. Web links and email addresses are included so that one can contact them for more information.

Bibliography - The most extensive bibliography of Womack related books you will find anywhere. Many of the items have been included from WGN members.

Message page - A message page where one can post queries, information, family reunions, etc. New information and queries are posted on a daily basis.

Features - Articles written by WGN researchers on various Womack related topics: famous Womack's in history, Womack research, etc.

Sources - Actual sources of Womack genealogy information. Some republished from non-copyrighted sources, some from WGN members own research.

Womack sites - A listing of Womack related sites around the web. Some times the gems of information are in the most unlikely places.

Other sites - A listing of other sites around the web related to genealogy.

Feel free to browse around at your own pace. We are sure you'll find something useful. And you don't need to be listed in the WGN Researchers Index to use the resources on the WGN site. All researchers are welcome to use the WGN site for their research and to share their experiences and knowledge.

The WGN is only as strong as its members. If you'd like share your Womack research, help other researchers (and maybe find some long lost relatives), be sure to check out the Add me to the Womack Genealogy Network! page.

You will want to check back often because new information, researchers, features, and sources (not to mention the message page) will be updated on a daily basis.

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