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General Research

Boatman-Young, Tammy B.
Clayton, Mamie Ruth
Dalton, Shirley A.
Hubbard, Tawsha Kay
Johnston, Eleanor W.
Littlefield, Tammie A.
Mazi, Cynndi L.
Prouty, Louise M.
Sprta, Lisa W.
Webb, Lydia Ruth Womack
Womack, Diane Elizabeth
Womack, Donald Gene
Womack, Douglas MF.
Womack, Elbert William
Womack, Esther M.
Womack, Gary Wayne
Womack, James Chanslor
Womack, Johnita
Womack, Louis Glynn
Womack, Misty Dawn
Womack, Rick A.
Womack, Robert Darryl
Womack, Troy Eugene
Womack-Diers, Kathy Sue
Womack-Johnston, Eleanor
Wommack, Roger Lee
Woomack, James Abb

Bryan County

Bowen, Edward Leslie

Garvin County

Bullard, Wanema Womack

Greer County

Pennington, Jack

Hughes County

Howser, Beth Ann

Jackson County

Pennington, Jack

Le Flore County

Hunter, Georgann

McClain County

Prouty, Louise M.

McCurtain County

Hubbard, Tawsha Kay

Murray County

Bullard, Wanema Womack

Okfuskee County

Womack, Roger G.
Womack, William Eugene

Payne County

Womack, John Calvin

Tulsa County

Pennington, Jack

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