Womack Family Reunions

Below is a listing of known Womack family reunions. Reunions marked with a '*' are new or updated. Please feel free to mail the contact person for more information. If you would like to list your Womack family reunion on this page, please email wgnreunions@womacknet.com with the pertinent information.


WHO: Descendants of William Larkin Womack and Martha Ferguson, John Henry Womack and Mary Margaret "Polly" Tant, William Larkin Womack and Mettie Mitchell, Eugene Henry Womack and Jennie Lou Blackmon.

WHEN: 2nd Saturday in June.

WHERE: Home of John and Donna Morris, Lakie Logan Martin, Pell City, Ala.

CONTACT: Donna Morris, 205-884-3198 or donna1507@prodigy.net


11th Womack Reunion 

Who: Descendants of Joseph William Womack, 1838 - 1915, and Emily Frances McCubbin, 1851 - 1922 

Where: Held at Southwest City, McDonald Co., Missouri.                                                                

When:  Last Saturday in June - American Legion Bldg.                                                                      

Contact mrlamb@netins.net for more information.


  Who: Descendants of Abner Womack & Martha Byars.
  Where: McMinnville, Warren Co, TN.
  When: 3rd Sunday of October, every year.
  Contact: Jobie Guzman, jguzm@aol.com

  Who: Descendants of James Alexander Womack.
  Where: Riceville, McMinn Co, TN.
  When: 2nd Sunday of June, every year.
  Contact: Connie Baumann, littletn@aol.com

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