Womack Cemetery of Adair Co, KY

by Margie Coffey
Submitted 25 Oct 1998

This information is from the book Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky Volume 3, compiled by Margie Coffey in 1985 and published by the Adair County Library. It is republished by permission of the author in the hopes that it will be of use to someone out there. Special thanks to Bobbie Callahan for bringing this information to our attention and procuring permission to republish it.

The Womack Cemetery is located off East 80. You turn right on to a side road at the Gas Bulk Plant and go a few miles to where a trailer is parked. The cemetery is nearby.

William V. Grider
4 Aug 1901 - 20 Oct 1902

R. M. Grider
13 Apr 1896 - 25 Dec 1910

Infant of G. Grider
13 Aug 1896, born and died

Gerald Womack
1927 - 1933

Lucien Womack
1892 - 1940

Elizabeth Womack
4 Apr 1830 - 8 May 1908

William Womack
11 May 1835 - 14 Jan 1906

Lillie W. Womack
1895 - 1974

Virgil Womack

Ruel Womack

Baby Womack

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