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Below are descriptions of sucess stories from researchers that have found the WGN pages to be useful in their research. We are so glad that we could help them!

Success stories with a '*' next to them indicate the most recently reported stories.

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Congratulations everyone involved in our latest success stories!

#35* - Reported by Laurie Larrance Dale,

"I still can"t believe it all. I never thought that we would even have a chance of finding much on the Womacks after Peter Shaw Womacks and his son Roy Womacks, my great grandfather. But the fact that we have many many more cousins and relatives then my mother had even known about is so wonderful. Withing 10 hours after I had wrote to Roger Womack about even maybe this being a remote possibility of relatives , he has sent me more than I could even thought possible. My mother was even more shocked then I was. Now even she wants more info. Just wait until my aunt and my great aunt here about this. My great aunt was a Womacks. This is a truely wonderful site. I also wish more surname families could have more relatives proud of their line like I have found in this line. A hearty CONGRADULATIONS to all of us.

#34* -  Reported by Kenneth Ray (Kenn) Womack,

   "I would like to thank WGN and especiallly Roger Womack for providing a connection to my Womack family history. I had lost all contact with this side of the family in the early 60s. My daughter, Melissa posted an inquiry re: my father Stanley and my grandfather Reasie. Roger responded immediatly with the requested info and further provided me with a family history dating back to 1600s VA. What a suprise. Great network."

#33* - Reported by Vesnelle Berger Rorris,

   "Tonight I was searching for an Elizabeth Garner daughter of James Garner and just for 'kicks' decided to check out your site. You can not imagine my surprise when I found a Womack connection to my Puckett line. My great grandfather was the son of John B. Morgan and Agnes Caroline Simmons. Wm. Simmons (her father)b. 1804, GA married Mary Puckett b. 1802 SC Mary's father was Richard Puckett c. 1775 SC married Elizabeth ? Richard's father Douglas Puckett married Mary ? Then there was another Douglas Puckett who married ? Then there was Wm. Puckett who married Mary? THEN Wm. Puckett c. 1655 married Anne Womack  It certainly does pay to surf, didn't find my Elizabeth Garner; but I found so much more. Thank you very much."

#32* - Reported by Graydon Durham,

   "I posted a query 10:10 PDT and received an answer 12:29 PDT from ROGER WOMACK with precise information. Since that time, and within a day from posting the query, Roger has provided me an astonishing amount of information tracing ancestors back to 1600's. I did not imagine I would hit a veritable gold mine on first try at WGN! Congratulations on a great site and much thanks to ROGER."

#31* - Reported by Jack B.Womack,

    "I posted a note about my grand father Stephen Henry Womack. I received all of that info plus the complete history back to 1622. My thanks to Roger Womack who replied If I can help any other Womack's I well be glad to."

#30* - Reported by Dana Womack,

     "I just wanted to let you all know that even with the missing information on our part with our first posting we had so much information come back with in 48 hours that I was flabbergasted. The information that I was given helped to fill in so many gaps. I wanted to thank both Joyce and Roger for the help they have been, I hope you keep up the good work"

#29* -  Reported by Jim Cooper,

     I had bookmarked this site over six months ago, but due to a fire and temporary relocation while my house is being rebuilt, had never browsed it. My interest in my wife's Womack ancestry was renewed when we moved to the Jollyville-McNeil area near Austin, Texas near where my wife's grandparents, Charles W. Thorp and Zena Womack lived around the turn of the century. I knew Zena and her parents, Jesse W. Womack and Martha Emanuel were buried at the Merrelltown Cemetery, just a couple of miles from here. I placed a query on the board one night, and had about 5 replies to it. I learned from Miles Womack, Jr. who Jesse W. Womack's parents were. Helen Horn and Robert Staley, both descendants of the same line got in touch with me. Wehave all exchanged information and learned more about the Womack Family. I only wish I had made it to this site sooner. If I could be so lucky with other surnames I am researching, I would be extremely happy.

"Thanks for a very well-kept site that is very user-friendly."

#28* - Reported by Bobbie Callahan,

    "My gg grandfather Charles Bryant married Harriet Womack in Adair Co. KY in 1825. I   had often heard my dad speak of the Womacks and Bryants over the years, but, like most, I didn't make a record of our conversationsor ask any questions at the time. My dad is 91 yrs. old now but has Alzheimer's disease and the Bryant and Womack names seem to mean nothing to him although he does remember his immediate family and names of his siblings and parents. I was at a loss trying to find information on Charles and Harriet when I discovered the Womack page. Back in the spring I entered a query asking if anyone had information on Harriet, her parents or siblings. To my surprise Joyce Womack E-mailed me with a lot of names and dates and places and I also received a tremendous amount of data from Roger Womack. To these people I will be eternally grateful. Maybe someone out there could learn from my experience and write down everything they hear about their families over the years, even if it recent news. In years to come there may be a descendant who is truly interested and the way will be paved for them. I'm glad that you could use the Adair Co.KY Womack Cemetery list. I hope that it will help someone, sometime."

#27* - Reported by Bill Nuss,

"Thank you so much for posting the 1896 letter written by T. J. Womack!!!!! The uncle Levi he was referring to is the William Levi Womack ( June 7,1802-June 27, 1895) that I am tracing. I had located records on part of his brothers and sisters but had missed some of the brothers. The letter helped me identify all the siblings!! I never could have without the letter.

"Thank you so much. The site it a real boon to those researching the Womack family."

#26* - Reported by Ronald W. Womack,

"I just recently started during genealogy research. To my surprise after locating the WGN and after posting a query one evening about 9:00 PM, I had received an answer by about 5:30 AM the next morning from Roger Womack. After two or three contacts with him we were able to trace my lineage back to William the Immigrant, if I can prove one connection which I will certainly be working on. I have visited several websites for our Womacks and other pages and can say that this is the best page that I have found. Many thanks to Roger and of course to the web page. Keep up the good work!"

#25* - Reported by Marie E. Bull,

"I found the information and more from Roger. He made my day, or better yet my year. We were able to help each other although he helped me more than I can ever repay him. Finding this information in time for my aunt to enjoy it has been a tremendous boost for me. She has Alzheimer's and this genealogy is about the only thing that makes her excited. I cannot tell you how much appreciated it is that there was the Womack web page for me to get this information through and possibly help other Womack researchers."

#24* - Reported by Ann Horne,

"I have spent days trying to locate Dianna Faye Anderson. Today, just cruisin', popped in to see what was new. There she was! Thank you for having someplace for us Womack researchers to come to find each other. I emailed her immediately. Thanks."

#23* - Reported by Melissa,

"Just wanted to say thanks for getting me in touch with Roger Wammock. He was able to provide me with a great deal of information that I will find helpful in my research. Keep up the good work. This site is amazing."

#22* - Reported by Bonnie Womack,

"A special thank you to Roger Womack, who helped this Womack finally make a connection. It has been wonderful all the information that he has share with our family. My husband and his father finally know where they fit in. My father in law has trully enjoyed learning about his family history. It somehow makes everyone feel a little more secure knowing that there is a large family grouping behind them in their life."

#21* - Reported by Jim M. Cowan,

[Jim is the grandson of Rosa Womack and Nathan Turner Womack]
"Thank you to all the kind folks on the WGN. You and several others responded with information which I had not found. I found two files on my computer when I called up my mail the day after I posted. Both of you had massive amounts of high quality information. Within another two hours, there were two other offers of help and one other file. The Womacks are tremendous, amd you have a great site."

#20 - Reported by Connie Baumann:

"Just found another cousin on this site..Haven't kept count of all the cuzzies I have found here, but has been quite a few. On Nov. 2, 1998, Connie Womac Faraone posted looking for info on her parents, Eugene O'Brien Womac & Catherine Liner, and on her Grandfather, William Ransom Womac. After a couple of e-mails back & forth, we have determined we are 3rd cousins!! By the way, Roger Womack is the one who told me about her post, so of course, I got in touch & sent her info immediately!!! WGN, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!"

#19 - Reported by Melissa Lashbrook:

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for forwarding my message to Roger Womack. He instantly recognized the connection of my branch. I am forwarding all of my information to his data base to complete my branch. I am the third generation to work on our genealogy and I never dreamt I would get the amount of information I did. I owe it all to your site. My mother & grandmother are going to be thrilled. My relatives and I thank you from the bottom of our genealogical heart for creating such a wonderful resource. :)

"Please let your subscribers know that I have a great deal ofinformation in the Saline Co. Illinois area that I am willing to share."

#18 - Reported by Rex Womack,

"A couple of month ago I posted a query on your lookups page. I knew nothing about my ancestors except the name of my great grand mother and great grand father. Roger Womack took the time to send me a note which got me back to my GGG Grandfather !! WOW you guys are the best !! Im now hooked and have gone all the way to William the Immigrant, with just a few jumps through your links. Thank you for all your time and effort."

#17 - Reported by Molly Strange: She found a connection on Sam Womack's web site:

"I'm new at this, but here goes nothing: I'm searching for information on my maternal great-grandfather, David Leonidus Womack. Don't have his birthplace or date (Dad thinks he might have been born in Mississippi?), but he married Minnie Stracener on Dec. 1, 1895 in Erath County, Texas. (Got that record from Sam's Texas Marriage records - thanks, Sam!!!!) They had 10 or 11 children, Audra Lucille Womack being my grandmother, born March 6, 1901 in Erath County, Texas. Any information would be greatly appreciated!"

And then after that post, Molly got even more information from Roger Womack:

"I have received an email containing 10 pages of information on my specific line of ancestry from Roger Womack!!! I'm floored. I'm overwhelmed. I'm so excited. I now have info back 5 generations, and I can even add some missing information to his database too. Little ol' me, beginner and novice. I wish all surnames had a group as together as the Womacks. Thanks for a great site and resource."

There's just nothing like tag-team genealogy! Congratulations to all! Good work!

#16 - Reported by Sam Womack: The other day, got an email from Jaime Womack Lawson...Responded and got her phone number..we talked at some length today and my 4th great grandpa and her grandpa of some number were brothers..and to top it all off, hers was a before unknown member of the family!! She was sufing and found the WGN and then homed in on my line. Yes!! WGN does work.

#15 - Reported by Sue Kelley: Just wanted to let you know what I found thru WGN. While looking thru to see if there was anyone who knew something of my maternal ggrandmother Elizabeth E Womack, I found a distant cousin who even had my ggrandfathers (her husband's) parents info. Which would be my gggrandparents! It was great!

#14 - On June 17th, 1998 I forwarded a message from Vickie Allen that outlined what she knew about her Womack family. 10 hours later, Roger Womack posted a response that he had helped her make her family connection to Michael Womack, the one written about in Virginia Buxton's book Genealogy of Michael Womack - The Pioneer Arkansan who named Nashville, Arkansas. Congratulations!

#13 - On May 24th, 1998, Daniel Womack posted what he knew about his family on the WGN Message Page. In less than 24 hours Carolyn Powell, Joyce Wommack, Roger Womack and others had all responded with information that traced his family line all the way back to the Immigrant. Now I call that service! Congratulations!

#12 - As reported by Nathan Womack: "I am very happy to have found this site and have already had two connection from lost "cousins". Keep up the good work. P.S. I am an charter member of the Womack Family Genealogy letter as published in 1957 (but I haven"t been working on my family geneaology for 40 years). My name is listed in Vol. 1, #2 and I only have one copy left so very happy to be able to download copies."

Wow! A charter member of the Womack Family Association! We are most honored and glad we have helped!

#11 - I, Mark Womack, have another success to report. A Richard Womack posted a message on the message page listing the part of his family he knew about. Turns out that we are related. Our grandfather's were brothers. So, know we each know about another branch of the family that we had lost touch with. Yahoo!

#10 - As reported by Miles Womack: "On June 10, 1998 Robert Staley posted a request for information concerning Jesse Womack who married Martha Emanuel. The information was brought to my attention by Anne McDonald. This Jesse Womack is the son of David Womack of Gadsden County, Territory of Florida. The family had tracked him to Winn Parish La. After the 1860 census Jesse wife and 10 children fell of the face of the earth. The David Womack Family of Gadsden County has just completed a manuscript soon to be published under the title, Little River Pioneers. Two questions plagued the conclusions drawn at the end of the book. First, who was David Womack's wife. Second, what happened to the Jesse Womack family? This link which has taken place on the family network has nailed down one Jesse Womack in a long list of floating unattached Jesses. We are making an effort to intergrate this bit of data in our study so it will be available to others. Hopefully the 30 year efforts of the David Womack family will be available to assist the bigger picture. Thanks to the WGN for this recent breakthrough in our study. In the past 2 weeks we have found some descendants from two of the children of Jesse Womack. Daughter Rebecca Womack married Solomon Teddlie. Lucinda Womack married Owen Glendower Jones. We still don't have much genealogy on this branch, but we do now know what happened to the partiarch and his wife. They are now linked into the proper family."

Congratulations! Glad to help!

#9 - As reported by Robert Womack: "To: Chuck Gipson ( - William Riley Womack (husband of Molly Goolsby) is my ggrandfather and was the son of John Hawkins Womack. I have Charles Benjamin Womack as the 6th son of JHW and brother of WRW. The dates that you have given are consisteant with my dates. I will send you a copy of the tree info that I have associated with CBW within a few days. Best Regards, Robert F. Womack"

This was in response to Chuck Gipson's 4/27/98 post on the WGN Message Page. Congratulations!

#8 - As reported by Pamela Gutsche ( "With the help of your Womack web page I have found more descent cousin then I know I had. I now have three more cousin to add to my family line. Plus I have been able to get past William and Lovina Womack who came to WI from ILL from VA. Thank you for all your help. Keep up the good Hunting."

Happy we could help!

#7 - As reported by Charles Sherrer: "Mark - saw the success stories today and felt you and Joyce [Joyce Wommack] should know just how much both of you have helped me. This weekend, I found info about Sarah Womack wife of James Cody for John Craig. This network really helps. Merry Christmas to each of you and your families. Thanks again to both of you."

#6 - I, Mark Womack, actually have a success of my own to report. When I received Charles Sherrer's information to add him to the WGN, he listed Halifax Co, VA as the area he is researching. All of my Womack's come from Halifax Co, so I was hopeful that we were close cousins. After exchanging family info it appears that we are not directly related, but I was able to extend Charles' information back to Charles Womack of Halifax Co and thus his link to the Immigrant.

Congrats to us!

#5 - As reported by Peggy Schweiger: "My thanks to Ann McDonald! My great-grandmother was Caroline Viola Womack (b9 Oct 1848 d 11 Sep 1932) who married Charles James Easterwood. Due to divorces and deaths, I had lost all contact with that branch of my family and was at a dead end. I did not know where she came from, who her parents were, etc. Ann McDonald answered a query and gave me my ancestors back to William Womack, the immigrant."

What a find! All the way to the Immigrant! Congratulations!

#4 - As reported by Sue McLaughlin: "On July 17th I posted a query to the Wommack family page which was answered in a couple of days by Joyce Wommack. I had narrowed down my gg grandmother's father to one of two brothers. If I could only solve that missing link, I knew I could go all the way to the immigrant ancestor. So close and yet so far! Joyce had the info I needed, along with all the documentation. She sent it to me. oh joy! I was able to send her copies of documentation I had which she did not. It's been a wonderful trade so far and I don't think we're finished! Thanks to the Wommack family page."

And from Joyce's side: "I just love WGN. I answered the query of Sue McLaughlin who was looking for Delilah Jane WOMACK who married Thaddeus SNIDER. I was able to give her what she was looking for, but I feel I was the real winner! We have been corresponding and exchanging so much info, it is hard to keep up with it all. I am sitting here this morning getting it in my computer. I would encourage EVERYONE to read and respond and post to this page as often as possible and keep the research going. It's great!"

Congrats to Sue & Joyce! Sounds like a 'win-win-win' connection!

#3 - A third success story to report. Carolyn Powell was able to get past the block on her ancestor, Jacob WOMACK. She has Ann McDonald to thank for this. Now Carolyn is looking for information on Jacob's father, Green WOMACK. Hey, maybe you know the answer! Congrats to Carolyn and Ann!

#2 - A second success was reported to me by Connie Baumann. She was able to talk to fellow researcher, Roger Womack, and Roger was able to extend her Womack line to 1575! In the process they found that Connie, Roger, and another researcher, Sam Womack are all related cousins! Congratulations to all of them for a wonderful breakthrough! That is what the WGN is all about!

#1 - Talk about fast turnaround! Our first success was reported by Ann Horne, only a few days after the site was opened to the public: "Linda answered that Abraham Womach (with an H)'s father was Allen (1780-1842, Buchanan, MO) Anyone have more on them? Still want to solve the wife of Abraham. Linda said the marriage record states AIKMAN (from Marriage Records of Lafayette Co., MO by Elsberry). When did SNOWDEN get in there?" Congratulations!

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